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I am an Australian NFT Creator that tells stories through a reinterpration of the mundane

I use audio, video, photography augmented by 3D, AI Art (#MidJourney, #CanvaAI, #DALL-E and Imagen by Google Cloud), SFX applications and more... anything at my disposal required to depict the necessary imagery. 

I am also TANGLED within the Cosmos Ecosystem


In Early 2022, I became a Nots NFTs Supported Artist and a Genesis Creator on the OmniFlix Network. As  Genesis Creator, I launched a range of projects, created content for OmniFlix community campaigns, contributed art work for displaced validators in Ukraine and continue to collaborate with global Cosmos artists. In August 2022, I was officially appointed OmniFlix Ambassador for the AU region and now support AU region projects to launch / explore the OmniFlix ecosystem. 

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