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ohh club x ibcg - staking & rewards

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Ohh Club is a collection of 8,888 Owlies Hoot House NFTs, unique digital collectibles flowing thoughout the Cosmos. Ohh NFTs are interoperable but mainly live on the Stargaze & Omniflix blockchains.


Ohh NFTs are a membership pass to the metaverse with members-only benifits, the first of which is to gain WL access to the Owlies trading game main mint & $OWLIES token fairdrop. In the future far more areas will be unlocked such as, The OhhNFT DAO, NFT Collection Vault, $OHH airdrop & more!

OHH Club Benefits

Owning an OhhNFT opens the doors to go beyond holding a rare NFT artwork. Buying an OhhNFT is a gateways to gamefi, community art ownership, exclusive NFT mints, artist launchpads, Owliverse and so much more...

OhhNFTs open digital doorways, empowering your journey throughout the metaverse.

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IBC Game & Staking

To foster collaboration and growth among Cosmos based communities, Owlies / OhhNFTs has extended their OHH Club benefits to the Tangled Community. In the near future, IBC Game NFT Holders will be able to STAKE & EARN their Trading Card NFTs on the OhhNFT Staking Dapp

This integration as a subcommunity of the wider Owlies / OhhNFTs universe is just the beginnings of a future thriving Web3 HUB benefiting all interrconnected OHH Club members and their respective communities. 

More details to follow...

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